Pickup Instructions for Saturday

Good morning ARTfarm box pickup customers,

We are slightly altering our choreography this morning. Please rehearse in your mind:

  1. Please wait near your car until we call your group, or at a ridiculous distance until the previous customer is finished.
  2. Please remind us of your name, and drop your cash/check in the bucket while we assemble your order.
  3. Once we are sure we didn’t forget anything, you’ll pack your own items in your bag/container.
  4. Please maintain at least 6 feet of distance from other customers, and us, at all times.
Virtual hugs all around! You are awesome.
A still life of two lettuce heads "kiss" while wearing face masks
If your ‘heads’ must touch be sure everyone is wearing a mask. Seriously though please maintain 6 feet between people as per the CDC. Stay safe we love you.

3 thoughts on “Pickup Instructions for Saturday

  1. Just have to say that seeing this does my heart good, as I make do with infinitesimal buds just starting to appear on trees up here in Massachusetts. Love you folks and all you do!

  2. I’ve always had a problem throwing away those beautiful green tops on the onions. Even back in the day when I gave my compost to Luca. Green goddess dressing is one way to utilize them. Broth was really not that successful. But tempura was fabulous!
    Thanks ARTfarmers

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