Order form for Saturday ARTfarm Produce Boxes 3/21/20, Happy Spring

A farmer holds up a giant head of lettuce in front of his face. Giant HEADS of Lettuce are growing at ARTfarm! And they can help keep you healthy! But they do not make virus-proof barriers.

Hello, dear ones. We are living in temporarily interesting times. We urge you to protect our island community with social distancing, please. Check out these amazing interactive simulations on WaPo of how it works if we all pitch in.

It is possible to spread this virus before you have acute symptoms. So please, especially you immortal young ones and those who have traveled recently (or live with those who have), we know it’s the pits, but heed the advice of Italy…

…Don’t be an ‘aerosol.’ Assume you’re infected. Assume everyone around you is vulnerable, or lives with their asthmatic grandmother. Stay home, stay apart from others for a few weeks, wash your hands, sing from your balcony and give this virus a chance to die before it spreads.

Once again we will NOT BE OPEN for retail shopping on Saturday. We are going to run another socially distanced online ‘box sales’ program like last week, with four pick up shifts of 10 people max, to follow the latest edict from Governor Bryan Jr., to avoid long waits, traffic issues and crowds forming. It’s as easy as S-A-N, as in SANitized!! Here’s what to do:

  1. S  is for :  Sign up with our new improved sign-up form (link at the bottom of this here webpage).
    • Choose one pre-selected, pre-priced box of ARTfarm produce (contents listed below)
    • Commit to a pick-up time slot
  2. A is for :  Arrive at (or wait in your car until) your appointed time in the ARTfarm parking lot on Saturday. Too many people showing up at the same time could shut this whole thing down.
    • Bring exact change or a check to drop in the bucket – we are not handling any money.
    • Bring your own bags or box to put your produce into. We’ll place your items on the table, you’ll pack your own bags or box.
  3. N is for :  No substitutions or price adjustments.We are not making change.
    • We’ll do our best to give you options at pickup if we can.
    • You can refuse any unwanted items and we will pass them on to another lucky customer!

We will have 15 large and 30 small ‘boxes’ of produce available (10 of those as “doubles”).

Box choices for Saturday, March 21st:

Small box, $16, “Budget Shopper”, will include:

1 bag of sweet salad mix
1 cucumber, or a radish/turnip bunch as available
2 assorted herb bunches
1 bag of a mix of ginger, turmeric, and seasoning peppers
1 onion/scallion mini bunch

Double Small Box, $32, “I Love My Friends”, will include:

As listed above, but double: one for you and one for a friend. How awesome are you for saving everyone from more exposure! Love it!

Large box, $66, “Going Green”, will include:

2 bags of sweet salad mix
1 bag of either teen spicy salad mix or teen arugula
1 bag of either sunflower shoots or microgreens
1 pint of cherry tomatoes
1 lb. cucumbers
1 bunch of radishes
1 bunch of cooking greens
2 assorted herb bunches
1 sour orange
1 bag of a mix of ginger, turmeric, and seasoning peppers
1 bunch of onions
1 quarter chunk of watermelon
3 cheerful zinnia flowers

  • This signup form will send you a confirmation email if submitted successfully. One order per customer, please.
  • About three people reported having problems with the online signup form telling them incorrectly that they had already placed an order. A workaround one of our customers figured out (thank you!!) was to use a cellular device (smartphone or tablet) that wasn’t using WiFi internet. This worked for those who tried it.
  • This signup form does NOT sign you up for a farm email subscription.
  • We know a few people are going to complain about already having ginger and turmeric left over, but mom says you should be consuming more of it to boost your immune system. You can share it with a neighbor. Also, it freezes well. 🙂


Here’s the link to Saturday, March 21st’s SIGNUP FORM
(opens a new window).



3 thoughts on “Order form for Saturday ARTfarm Produce Boxes 3/21/20, Happy Spring

  1. WOW – so much extra effort and even more care and love is going into your products, it’s really something. I won’t share this because I think you’ll sell out again. GREAT JOB XOXO

    On Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 10:14 AM ARTfarm on St. Croix, USVI wrote:

    > artfarmllc posted: “Hello, dear ones. We are living in temporarily > interesting times. We urge you to protect our island community with social > distancing, please. Check out these amazing interactive simulations on WaPo > of how it works if we all pitch in. It is possible to ” >

  2. Good night!  First of all, thank you for all you do. We greatly appreciate having fresh produce in our home. I’m not sure what happened with the sign up this week. I tried to sign up for a box, but a pop-up came up saying that I couldn’t sign up more than once. Not sure why that happened since I only tried once. Then this evening when I saw there was only one box left and I hadn’t gotten a confirmation, I tried again and got the same message. It’s not a huge deal if we don’t get a box. We can certainly get by this week. I just wanted to make you aware and see if I am doing something wrong.  I hope you are staying healthy,Emily Schmid

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

    1. Hey there Emily. Sorry for the trouble. There were two other customers that had the same frustrating problem out of 35 signups. The solution was to take your smart phone off of Wi-Fi and then try signing up using your phone. This worked every time. There is something funky about this company and IP addresses. Most providers use dynamic IP addresses. If the form thinks you’ve already signed up before it won’t let you sign up again. This was to prevent people from signing up multiple times for one box. But it has gotten in the way several times today. We will be searching for a better solution or a fix. Really sorry about that. Hope you can try again next week, it looks like we have sold out for tomorrow.

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