SOLD OUT Saturday March 14th. Orders must be confirmed by email from us!

Good morning ARTfarm supporters, we are completely sold out of box shares for Saturday March 14th 2020 and already have a pretty long waiting list. Sorry if we were not able to help you today.

If you have not received an email from us with an order number, that means that we cannot fill your order, even if you placed one online yesterday. If you do not have an email with an order number, please do not come to the farm today. The whole point is to limit contact to keep us all safe and healthy.

Feel free to sign up for emails on our website to be informed if we are able to provide the ‘box’ service again. It is starting to be the end of the season and, as usual, we are going to have less and less produce at this time of year.

We are truly sorry that the sign-up process was not clear. We did not have a plan in place for coronavirus and we did our best but it was a pretty slapdash order system that needs improvement. Our apologies if you found it confusing or if we left you empty-handed today.

Thanks everyone! Stay safe and stay healthy and try to stay home if you can.

Love, ARTfarm

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