Tomato Monday 3-4:30pm

Tomato Mondays! Due to the ridiculous amounts of tomatoes ripening, ARTfarm will open Mondays 3 till 4:30.

This will be a minimalist Monday-style farmstand with a short list of offerings: Tons of tomatoes all types including cherry tomatoes, lettuce heads, Italian basil, baby ginger, baby mango turmeric, baby turmeric and zinnias.

There will also be one bunch of dill for that guy who came on Saturday and swore he must have dill before Wednesday for his pickling project. Brother, we’ve got you covered. 

Think canning, think sauces, bringing a fresh salsa to your next party, pico de gallo, making your own ketchup, bloody Marys, pizza Margherita, BLTs, grilled cheese with fresh tomato slices… tomato wedges in a balsamic  vinaigrette with anchovies, caprese salad with goat chèvre instead of mozzarella, roasted, stuffed tomatoes, tomato dump cake, tomato at the beach eaten like a mango out of hand and then washing the juice off with a swim.

Did anybody lose these sunglasses at the farmstand?

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