BAM! ARTfarm pops up again! Salad Greens, Pineapples and more!!!

The rain is great for the lettuce…and the weeds!
The rainy weather brought a few cherry tomato plants back to life, but the continuing showers are causing some of the fruits to split. So there will be a limited rain-sweet supply on Saturday.
Super volunteers visited ARTfarm on Mother’s Day and meticulously weeded this garden bed and quite a few others. Giving thanks!!
The beet greens are loving this cool wet weather and are getting big and luscious…
This season, the pineapple crop will be stretched out for quite a few weeks, they are ripening at various times. We should have a dozen for tomorrow morning!
Once a garden area is decommissioned for the season, and conditions are lush, we use our sheep to knock down the weeds and fertilize before we allow the area to go fallow. They do a beautiful job, no fossil fuels necessary!

Saturday pop-up farmstand, 10-11am!! Sweet salad mix, arugula, Portuguese kale, baby bok choy, bunched arugula, bunched dandelion, beet greens, cherry tomatoes, pineapples, Italian basil, Thai basil, lemon basil, garlic chives, sage, scallions, tamarind, mint, Thai chili peppers, seasoning peppers, turmeric, winter squash slices, and pineapple slips, surinam cherry trees, and Fiddlewood Farm’s goat cheese! So grateful for these early summer soaking rains!!!

There will be tons and tons of cooking greens, everything else is an early bird special. Looking forward to seeing everyone 10 – 11am.

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