ARTfarm Saturday Popup 10am! Salad mix, WOOOOOO!!!

The small unburned section of the farm still has a few heads of lettuce growing! So there is a little bit of salad mix for the early birds Saturday morning!

This is a pop-up pop farmstand and Luca will probably only be open from 10 until 11 o’clock.

Come early for 20 bags of salad mix sweet, 5 dozen eggs, tons of ginger and tons of turmeric, Italian basil, lemon basil, baby carrots, garlic chives, ten bunches of baby bok choy, chunks of winter squash, maybe 10 to 15 pints of cherry tomatoes, and Thai hot chili peppers!

There are also Surinam cherry trees for sale and silver palms which are native and beautiful!

The brush fires caused many of our fence posts to completely incinerate. There were hot smoking coals in the post holes for over a week after the fire was out.

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