Saturday Farmstand and Tree Sale!

After months of inquiries, Luca is finally liquidating some of his potted fig tree collection. Four remaining young fig trees, as well as surinam cherry seedlings, native palms, and more will be available for sale.

This will be our final farmstand for the season. We will continue to supply restaurants with a few bulk items for a little while longer but conditions are unusually dry, reducing harvests, and we still have to begin the bulk of our hurricane recovery reconstruction, so we are going to shift gears a bit earlier than usual. If weather conditions change or we have a flush of fruit we may re-open for some pop-ups during the summer. Stay on our mailing list and you’ll know if those conditions occur! Thank you for your understanding and for your support this season, we greatly appreciate it.

Saturday farmstand (hot dry weather is giving us dwindling harvests of): sweet salad mix, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, some slicer tomatoes, garlic chives, Italian basil, lemon basil, Thai basil, baby ginger, turmeric, seasoning peppers, spicy peppers, pumpkin chunks, escarole, onions, French breakfast radishes, I-Sha’s vegan ice cream and Fiddlewood farms goat cheese. From our nursery, fig trees, sage plants, asparagus plants, Surinam cherry seedlings, native thatch palms, coconut palms, pineapple slips and other plants.

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