ARTfarm Wednesday 3-4:30pm – Hugel is Huge

The ARTfarm is drying up like a forgotten piece of toast on a hot pan. It is dry and the unrelenting winds are like a hairdryer, causing the plants (and farmers) to shrivel and cry piteously. Tomatoes are getting smaller and everything is becoming an apocalyptic nightmare.

However, the Hugel beds are pumping out cucumbers with relentless optimism. They are green, juicy, crunchy and sweet. Cue the Superman music!

It’s a worm! It’s mundane! It’s… Super Farmer! Able to leap a pile of composting wood chips in a single bound! Able to deliver juicy delicious produce from a dry and arid planet!

Enter SuperFarmer Luca, renewed by a meal of sweet cucumbers. He resumes feeding increased compost (homemade non-synthetic fertilizer) to our row crops, refreshing them in their hour of need and prolonging their lives on the edge of survival.

Wednesday farmstand 3-4:30pm: lots of heroic sweet salad mix, lots of cherry tomatoes at their peak of sweetness, and lots of beautiful life-saving thin skinned extra crunchy Asian cucumbers! Waning harvests of slicing tomatoes and heirlooms, yet loads of our four types of seasoning peppers, Thai chilies, Serrano peppers, baby ginger and turmeric, some large sweet potatoes, some very small butternut squash, Italian basil, Thai basil, cilantro, dill, garlic chives, scallions, baby carrots, radishes, dandelion greens, escarole, and broccoli leaves!!!!!!!! Whoooooooshhh!!!

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