‘Santa’rday Farmstand

A ‘wreath’ of spicy peppers at ARTfarm.

Last chance to get fresh delicious gifts for everyone on your Xmas list! We will be open Saturday the 22nd, and again on the 26th, Wednesday, Boxing Day!

Ho-ho-holiday haul: Lots of sweet salad mix, lots of arugula and spicy salad mix, loads of cucumbers, more slicer tomatoes, a few pints of cherry tomatoes, lots of butternut in entertaining sizes, radishes, cooking greens, dandelion greens, baby bok choi, some sweet tree-ripened figs, some yellow and red watermelon, lots of Italian basil, Thai basil, lemon basil, holy basil, a good amount of cilantro and dill, zinnia flowers, serrano peppers and cayennes and tiny super spicy chile peppers and beautiful baby ginger, super thin skin no need to peel!

Bethany will be swinging by with a fresh batch of Fiddlewood Farm goat cheese! Treat yourself or a friend!

Lots of love to you and yours,


Our sweet salad mix is gently press-packed for freshness. Each bag is around half a pound and expands to fill your salad bowl!
It’s watermelon season! Red and yellow varieties!
Tomatoes are slowly ripening, more watermelon, crunchy sweet cukes, and buttery butternut squashes.
The center table in the farmstand holds a wide variety of cooking greens, some fresh lettuces, and root vegetables. We have some beautiful onions as well but did not have time to harvest them. Beets and carrots to come later in the season!

We are growing lots of two kinds of cucumbers this season. The asian type are a little more pointy at the ends and have a very tender skin.
Don’t forget fresh herbs for healing teas and seasoning your food! Beautiful dill and cilantro, different types of basil, garlic chives and more!
Farm volunteer Jen V setting out the cherry tomato pints, fresh figs, some chicken eggs, baby ginger, peppers and flowers.

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