Lettuce Catch Up on Wednesday! 3pm

We are finally starting to see the lettuce that survived the great caterpillar attacks and flooding start to reach a harvestable size. This year’s season seems to be starting in fits and starts, but it will eventually work itself out into a regular weekly schedule.

We will be harvesting salad greens Wednesday morning and will have them ready for sale for another special extra Wednesday 3 o’clock farmstand. After that we’ll be open every Saturday at 10am – 12pm. Hope you can join us, here’s the list:

Sweet salad mix, baby spicy greens, cucumber, watermelon (whole and cut), butternut squash, a few last dragonfruit of the season. A little bit of lemon, Thai & Italian basils, cheerful zinnias and marigolds.

If you’ve ever wished you could get Farmer Luca to visit your home and provide a consult on building or improving a small organic garden or orchard, here’s your chance – bid on this great auction item from the St. Croix Environmental Association’s fundraiser!


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