End of Season Extravaganza 10am Saturday

Happy summer, everyone. With the major damage to ARTfarm’s pineapple plants and fruit trees (and farm buildings) from Hurricane Maria, and a new hurricane season upon us already, we have decided to close early this year and not run our usual summer farmstands so that we can get a little R&R and fully focus on demo and recovery work. (We are still actively fundraising at http://gofundme.com/artfarmllc .) Thanks everyone for a fantastic and surprisingly busy season despite the storms last September. Stay on our email list to get updates for pop-up stands and volunteer opportunities during the summer!

Here’s the harvest list for tomorrow morning, 10am – 12 noon: Lots of sweet salad mix, some dragonfruit, some pineapples, lots of fresh ginger and multiple varieties of turmeric (including one that tastes like mango and one extra rich in cucurmin, an anti-inflammatory compound), Italian basil, holy basil, garlic chives, parsley, a few bunches of onions, and some zinnia flowers. Plus pineapple slips for sale and lots of native trees available, and potted rosemary and recao (culantro) seedlings.

See you in the morning!

2 thoughts on “End of Season Extravaganza 10am Saturday

  1. If by chance there are any “Pop Up” farm offerings — will this be the way to be informed?

    Thank you ARTfarmers for letting us share the bounty!!
    Love you

    1. Thank you! Yes, any pop up farmstands we may host in the next few months, we will announce through our usual channels of Facebook, our website, and the email list from our website.

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