Wednesday Spicy-Not-Hot 3-4:30pm

We have grown some beautiful, pungent but not hot seasoning pepper varieties from Puerto Rico and Trinidad. Try a few raw or cooked in your favorite savory dishes. They add a smokiness without heat. Magical!
We had the pleasure and honor to take a brief farm tour with Shelli at Ridge to Reef on Saturday afternoon. We always think of their West End rain forest conditions as being substantially wetter than ours; but they are also experiencing a lot of parched and cracking soils, just as we are out east right now. Pictured, an ARTfarm miracle of lettuce sprouting from the driest soils.

Tomatoes are now starting to ripen from our third and last tomato succession planting crop for the year. So there will be a tiny surge in tomatoes soon. And watermelon vines 2.0 are doing their best to come back, despite the lack of rain.

For Wednesday afternoon, 3 – 4:30pm: Sweet salad mix, baby arugula, baby spicy salad mix, teen arugula, teen spicy salad mix, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, some tomatoes and heirlooms, assorted cooking greens, garlic chives, cilantro, dill, parsley, scallions, Italian basil, lemon basil, holy basil, new young radishes, rat tail radishes, loads of ginger and turmeric, lots of beautiful seasoning peppers, Serrano peppers, small poblano peppers, assorted butternut squashes, jojo plums and zinnia flowers.

Please help us out by washing your car, leaving your car windows open, leaving expensive electronics out in the yard at night, and leaving your laundry and bed pillows hanging in the open air… so that it might rain.

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