ARTfarm Salad-urday 10am–12noon

Wow, this season is blowing by like unsecured lawn furniture in a cat 5 hurricane, folks! And these powerful gusty winds are certainly bringing back memories of September 19th. Hope everyone’s recovery is continuing to progress.

Saturday farmstand: lots of baby arugula and baby spicy, lots of sweet salad mix, good amounts of cherry tomatoes, very small amounts of slicing tomatoes, some cucumbers, a few beets, sweet potatoes, carrots, lots of onions, a good amount of cilantro, dill, parsley, Italian basil, lemon basil, Thai basil, garlic chives, sage, lemongrass, and loads of ginger and turmeric, seasoning peppers, two types, assorted chilies, Serano pepper’s, poblano’s, sweet bell peppers, assorted cooking greens including various kales, large butternut squashes, watermelons, some figs, and zinnia flowers.

Strange new product of the week, for radish lovers: The rat-tail radish, serpent radish, or tail-pod radish is a plant of the radish genus Raphanus named for its edible radish-like seed pods.

We know customers are nervous about the end of tomato season. While this IS the time of year for the avalanche to slow down, we DO still have another planting in the ground. This final set of tomatoes is just beginning to ripen. Hopefully the wind and stink bugs will give us a break… also Grantley Samuel at GLG Produce will soon have some ripe tomatoes, and Sejah Farm is re-opening this weekend! They have some of our ginger on offer.

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