Pole-R Vortex at ARTfarm!

The South Shore is lined with new telephone poles! Amazingly tall! Soon to be festooned with wires, we hear. Transformers…next year!

Saturday December 30th we will have sweet salad mix, lots of cherry tomatoes, lots of slicing tomatoes, a few heirlooms, green bell peppers, a few seasoning and serrano peppers, dandelion greens, lots of cooking greens including kale, lettuce heads, a few fewer watermelons, Sakata melons, lots of sweet Mediterranean figs, tons of cucumbers, butternut squash, baby carrots, radishes, a few beets, onions, garlic chives, Italian basil, dill, parsley, holy basil, a few bunches of cilantro, a few bunches of mint, recao (culantro), lemongrass, baby ginger, baby turmeric, and native trees available for sale! See you next year, we wish a prosperous and peaceful 2018 to all!

Farmer Roi harvests sunflower seeds to feed our heritage poultry. We intended to harvest birds this Thanksgiving but with the hurricanes causing lack of refrigeration and poultry feed in short supply, unfortunately it did not happen for the holidays this year. We will do pre-orders and harvest when we have enough folks interested so please let us know if you would like us to put you on the list!

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