Post-Hurricane Irma – ARTfarm (temporarily) closed: St. Croix USVI Is Open For Business!

Long term crops include ginger and turmeric, which was planted in April. Even when we are closed, farming is a constant.
ARTfarm is on our annual fall hiatus for the next few weeks as we prepare the farm for the upcoming growing season and keep a watchful eye on the weather satellites for more storms that could come our way between now and November. Thanks to all our fantastic customers for your continued support of our family. We plan to reopen the farmstand, growing season permitting, in October/November.

We will post again soon with updated information on donating to relief efforts. While this acute phase is a crucial time, there will be ongoing efforts to recover that will take months if not years. We appreciate the outpouring of love and support from across the islands and globe for our well-being during the storm. 

Please, spread the word that St. Croix is alive and well after Hurricane Irma. Spread the amazing stories of our USVI community coming together selflessly to provide relief efforts. Encourage your friends and family to come and visit St. Croix and take a vacation here. Part of the recovery process is keeping our economy going as we assist St. Thomas and St. John and our other sister islands to get back on their feet as well. St. Croix is open for business! Thank you!

One thought on “Post-Hurricane Irma – ARTfarm (temporarily) closed: St. Croix USVI Is Open For Business!

  1. Thank you all for another wonderful season of your hard work giving us such wonderful organic fruits and vegetables to enjoy.

    Take some time to renew your bodies and get ready for another awesome season. See you soon love, Di, Fred, Boomer , and Buttercup

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