Saturday ARTfarm 10am – 12 noon

If you’re looking for local fresh picked South Shore farm produce, we will see you in the morning: Sweet salad mix, pineapples, dragonfruit, lots of papaya, passionfruit, sweet potatoes, nice large juicy onions, all of our sweet & hot types of peppers, a few cucumbers, Italian basil, garlic chives, recao, lemongrass, ginger root, turmeric, assorted pumpkin, dandelion greens, dill seed, and zinnias. 

Farmer Roi took some time this week to construct a new front customer gate just moments before the old one crumbled into a pile of termite dust, humus and old paint chips. Hope you like the new one! 

Calabash tree seedlings, lignum vitae saplings, and pineapple slips for sale! The recent rains and everyone’s full cisterns have made planting things a viable hobby, so it’s a great time to get things into the ground. Particularly drought resistant things like calabash and lignum vitae trees and pineapple slips. 

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