Wednesday ARTfarm Salsa Party 3-5:30

So much bounty! Fresh crispy salad greens, sweet watermelons and rich juicy tomatoes! Celebrate the new you in the new year with fresh healthy veggies… 

Sweet salad mix, teen arugula, teen spicy salad mix, loads of tomatoes (heirlooms and slicers and cherry tomatoes), cucumbers, loads of watermelon, cooking greens like kale and collards, dandelion greens, sweet potatoes, jicama, papayas, passionfruit, figs, Italian basil, lemon basil, Thai basil, holy basil, garlic chives, cilantro, parsley, dill, recao, green Serrano chilies, green Indian chilies, onions, scallions, baby ginger with thin skin, loads of cut flowers! 

Jicama Salsa

Grill half a dozen ears of fresh tender sweet corn on an open flame for a few moments until you get a little bit of browning. Cut the corn off the cob and place in a bowl.

Peel, wash, and cube half a pound of  jicama root. 

Finely chop one bunch of scallions,  one serano pepper, and one full bunch of cilantro.

Squeeze one full sour orange into the mix. Salt to taste. Toss and serve.

Luca’s awesome tomato salsa

For a fresh pico de gallo type salsa, chop and combine, according to taste:

A bunch of cilantro

Lots of salt

One or two nice firm green tomatoes

About five ripe slicer tomatoes

Jicama root, about 1/2 a cup cubed

Garlic chives

Sweet peppers

Onion and or scallions

Vinegar or sour orange or lime

Optional green chile peppers

Chop it all up fine and toss well. Enjoy it on your chips, beans&rice, in a sandwich with cilantro pesto, or just by the spoonful. 

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