Wednesday Solstice Stand, December 21st

The darkest day of the year. Gouache on paper.
We’ll be open 3–5:30pm tomorrow, Wednesday. We’ll have pretty much everything from Saturday except for sweet potatoes – more of those on Friday. Remember, we won’t be open Saturday (Christmas Eve) this week. Next week back to Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Here’s the list: Sweet salad mix, teen arugula, baby arugula, teen spicy salad mix, baby spicy mesclun greens, crispy cucumbers, loads of watermelons, a few pints of cherry tomatoes, a couple of slicing tomatoes, cooking greens, escarole, dandelion greens, radishes, onions, scallions, Italian basil, holy basil, lemon basil, cilantro, dill, recao, beautiful spicy baby ginger, papaya, passionfruit, sweet Japanese mini melons, and cut flowers.

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