Our last Wednesday farmstand, 3–6 p.m.

It’s the time of the year when it makes sense to consolidate to one farmstand. We have been having fewer and fewer customers on Wednesdays. Hope you can join us on Saturday mornings, 10am –12 noon. 

For this last Wednesday afternoon of the season we will have loads of papaya, Italian basil, garlic chives, Indian chilies, serranos, recao (culantro), Thai basil, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and fresh-cut zinnias. 

From our partners we have A limited supply of Thai (Nam doc Mai) mangoes from Tropical Exotics. More to come on Saturday, hopefully!

Yummy ARTfarm sauté stew of the week: 

Pumpkin, yellow bell peppers, diced mango, chicken or tofu, Asian mushrooms, garlic, soy sauce, serranos to taste and Berbere spice sautéed in butter. Add a little water and steam in the pan, covered, until pumpkin is tender. Serve over sticky sushi rice! 

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