Friday Night Update!

A harvesting tray is full of dark green zucchinis and bright yellow round summer squashes.
The squash vines are kickin’ out lots of zukes at ARTfarm!

Ask and you shall receive! Last season Shepherdess Christina told Farmer Luca that, since our family was trying to go gluten-free but loves pasta, that we wanted some beautiful organically grown zucchini to make into gluten-free noodles (“zoodles”) with our spiralizer vegetable cutter.

Shazam! We have lots of zucchini, thanks to our water-preserving new gardening techniques. The squash vines are going crazy.

Tomorrow we will have loads of Ethiopian kale, 2 types regular kale, Italian basil, Thai basil, holy basil, lemon basil, garlic chives, Recao, lemongrass, small and large yellow round squash, green zucchini squash, Green Oak leaf lettuce heads, baby spicy, baby arugula, sweet salad mix, wild cucumbers (gherkins) and a few fresh sweet Mediterranean figs.  Maybe 1-2 pints of yellow cherry tomatoes for the early birds, and fresh, lovingly produced eggs from Yellow Door Farm. See you in the morning!

5 thoughts on “Friday Night Update!

    1. Hey Rhonda! Welcome to St. Croix. From Colony Cove, which is on the north shore a bit west of Christiansted, you can take a number of different roads to get slightly east and over to the South Shore Road (Rt. 62), and from there we’re due south of Gallows Bay, just about a mile or so west of the Boy Scout Camp. We’re listed on a couple of free St. Croix maps (and easy to spot as there are no other businesses close by), and the details are here on this page of our site: Visit Our Farmstand

      We look forward to meeting you! It’s best to arrive early – we’re open 10am – 12 noon tomorrow and if demand is high, we’ll be sold out of some things before 11am. If you get here later, there should still be plenty of kale and zucchini!

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