ARTfarm Wednesday 3-6pm Freshness!

When it’s this hot, you’ll want to cool down with a nice green salad for dinner. May be a little fruit salad with some fruity ice cream on the side for dessert. Something light and cool.

Freshly harvested before sunup this morning, and ready for your table: ARTfarm sweet salad mix, microgreens, a few tomatoes, a few cucumbers, beets, radishes, onions, Italian basil, pineapples, serrano peppers, and zinnia flowers. From our partner, I-Sha, local fruity ice cream.

Come out and keep Farmer Luca company!

Don’t forget this Friday: there will be a closing fete at Walsh Metal Works Gallery. If you have not seen “Men Of Industry”, or would like to talk to the artists about their work, now is the time! Friday, May 8, from five till 8 PM. Peters Rest behind the Coca-Cola plant.


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