Happy Valentine’s Day from ARTfarm, 10-12 Saturday. You Look RADISHING My Dear!

Red onions are red,
The skies are blue,
If you seek a special Valentine treat,
We’ve got a lot of figs for you!

Mediterranean figs grown at ARTfarm! A romantic treat for yourself or a loved one!
Mediterranean figs grown at ARTfarm! A romantic treat for yourself or a loved one!

We have a lot of beautiful RED and PINK things from the farm to make a special Valentine meal or gift for yourself or someone else that you love dearly. What could be a more meaningful and romantic way to say “I love you (and want you to be healthy and live a long time)” than to offer lovingly grown, freshly harvested farm food?

Brilliant red radicchio, perfect for a valentine's day salad.
Brilliant red radicchio, perfect for dressing up a Valentine’s Day salad.

Mediterranean figs are nature’s bonbons. When ripe they are so tender and delicate that the velvety, paper thin skin needs to be handled with kid gloves. Inside you’ll find pastel shades of pink, or gold, or even a deep ruby red, depending on the variety. They are fragrant and flavorful in a contemplative way, so they are best enjoyed out of hand when on the beach at sunrise, in a candlelit bath, or over the pages of a slow burn, sensuous novel or some poetry.

Today’s Valentines to you, our BELOVED customers: Sweet salad mix with RED leaf lettuce, teen spicy salad mix with PURPLE mustard greens, baby spicy salad mix with RED mustard greens, teen arugula, baby arugula, microgreens with RED amaranth, sweet sweet SWEETHEART corn, RED beets, carrots, RED and white bulb onions, RED radishes, scallions, PURPLE yard long beans, sweet bell peppers, RED HOT chili peppers, kale, dandelion greens with RED stems, Italian basil, holy (Tulsi) and Thai basil with PURPLE flowers, lemon basil, cilantro, parsley, garlic chives, dill, mint, thyme, fresh harvested SPICY ginger, escarole, RED radicchio, PASSIONfruit, mangoes, ripe black sapote (CHOCOLATE pudding fruit) and fresh SWEET Mediterranean figs. Of course, on this day of all days, we will have fresh-cut zinnia flowers in many shades of PINK and RED for sale from the fields and gardens.

And from our partner I-Sha, perfect little LOVE cups of vegan ice cream including everyone’s favorite, HOT PINK beet-ginger flavor!!

Don’t forget, an ARTfarm gift certificate can also be a great way to show someone you care.

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