Bertha & You at ARTfarm! 10am – 12noon!

When we say rain or shine, we really mean it!

And when you say you need mamey sapote and salad greens no matter what, we take you seriously!

And whatever it was you did for a rain dance, people…? That was fabulous. Now do it one more time… With feeling.

Brave the Bertha and come out: ARTfarm microgreens, baby spicy salad mix, baby arugula, cucumbers, onions, bananas, papaya, passionfruit. Mangoes and mamey sapote from Tropical Exotics, amazing summer ice cream flavors from I-Sha.

11am update: Not many braving the weather this morning. We are packing up… If you need something stop by & call the number on the fence. We will help you out!

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