ARTfarm Summer Fruity Fruitiness. 10 AM – 12 noon today!

Look at the sweet bounty! 20140628-080301-28981540.jpg
Sweet salad mix, microgreens, cucumbers, onions, beets, radishes, Italian basil, garlic chives, recao, dill, lemongrass, passionfruit, papayas, bananas and pineapples. From our partners: Julie & Malika mangoes from Alex, dragonfruit from Solitude Farm, ice cream from I-Sha (Feel-I), beautiful fresh bread loaves from Tess, and raw local honey from Errol!

Malika mangoes have a citrusy flavor mixed with sweet. The flavor almost reminds us of that 1960s space age powdered orange juice called “Tang.”

Never eaten a dragonfruit? Read a fun description on the blog of one of our favorite customers, the Crucian Contessa, describing her first encounter with a dragon fruit.

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