ARTfarm WEDNESDAY open rain or shine: SWEET CORN people!

Famous last words from Farmer Luca: “We’re NOT going to run out of sweet corn today!”

Come and get your mid week fresh vegetable fix from ARTfarm, open today, 3–6 p.m., rain or shine: Macrogreens, sweet salad mix, teen spicy salad mix, arugula (bagged for salad and large bunched for cooking/pesto), collards, kale, Italian basil, Thai basil, holy basil, lemon basil, lemongrass, garlic chives, recao, tarragon, thyme, freshly harvested beets with nice leafy tops, carrots, onions with pretty and tasty green tops, radishes, passionfruit, papaya, pineapple, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, a giant pile of sweet corn, chili peppers. 20140514-113623.jpg Come and pick up some beautiful fresh herbs to make a cozy, rainy day cup of bush tea for yourself and your loved ones!

2 thoughts on “ARTfarm WEDNESDAY open rain or shine: SWEET CORN people!

  1. I very much enjoy your postings. The information about what is available for sale is great, the photos, the commentaries on various subjects and the light hearted humor are just as valuable as finding out what you have that day. The photos are inspired. I just don’t know how you have time to put all this wonderfulness out there in addition to farming, selling, and raising a family. I’ve even made a vow to reconsider my status as an ‘anticentepedeite” I don’t know if this status is as bad as being a luddite but I’m sure these go together. Later this month I’ll be returning to Massachusetts. I hope to be back in the summer for a short visit as I can no longer stay away from St. Croix for long periods of time.

    Thank you for the abundance of everything we’ve enjoyed from the ArtFarm this “winter”.

    1. Julie, we really appreciated your comments! Sorry it took us so long to respond. 😉 The answer to your question regarding our time management is, the beekeeping chores get the shaft! Ha ha! Hope we’ll see you over the summer… Lots of love to you and your family.

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