ARTfarm Wednesday, 3–6 p.m. today!

ARTfarm_figatfarmstandSometimes, we run out of art for Art Wednesday, so we just tell you about figs. If anyone tried our figs at the Taste of St. Croix, they will be shocked to know that they are EVEN TASTIER NOW! Because the weather has been dry, the fruits have higher sugar content and are absolutely sweet. Treat yourself to some delicious organically grown figs today at the stand! 3–6 this afternoon on South Shore Rd.

Things are getting fruitier as the summer beckons from the wings. Other treats we have in store for you today: Sweet salad mix, teen spicy salad mix, teen arugula, lettuce heads, onions, carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, garlic chives, Italian basil, holy basil, lemon basil, dill, kale, collard greens, broccoli greens, cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, lots of aforementioned fresh Mediterranean figs, maybe pineapple, yellow passionfruit, raw local honey, and citrus: sour oranges and kafir limes. Hope to see you this afternoon!

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