Fashion Sweet Corn Hits The Runway At ARTfarm Couture! 10am – 12noon!

Our ‘look’ this morning is inspired by the long golden silky flowing hair of the sweet corn. Here is your morning vegetable chant: read it out loud and practice your power walk!

Sweet mix, spicy mix, arugula, microgreens.
Sweet corn, cucumbers, baby carrots, Bodhi beans.
Big tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, heirlooms, bicolors and greens,
Onions, scallions, chili peppers, cooking greens.
Fennel, cilantro, dill, Italian basil. Lemongrass, zinnia flowers, mint, Thai basil.
Fresh figs, fresh eggs, fresh bread by Tess.
Buy high-quality fresh foods and you’ll end up spending less.20140329-092156.jpg

2 thoughts on “Fashion Sweet Corn Hits The Runway At ARTfarm Couture! 10am – 12noon!

  1. LOL, that’s so fun and I loved your garden chant, very creative. It’s spring here officially, but not yet warm enough to garden. I can’t wait to snoop around the farm. Have a fun weekend!

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