Gray + Blue Makes Green. ARTfarm Wednesday, 3–6 p.m.

Today’s Wednesday farmstand: sweet salad mix, teen spicy salad mix, teen arugula, lettuce mixed heads, wild bunched arugula, red mustard greens, Chinese cabbage, broccoli greens, kale, collards, Italian basil, Thai basil. In the department of edible things we grow that are not primarily green and leafy, we have lots and lots of beautiful heirloom, cherry, bicolor and slicer tomatoes, onions, passionfruit, key limes, and fresh Mediterranean figs.

Here is your Wednesday art moment. In design school, Luca and Christina spent a lot of time making color wheels and studying how to match precise shades and tints of colors. This may be the one area in which our design education did not ready us for farming. In this industry, a combination of blue and gray (torrential rain earlier this week) equals green, green, green: giant lettuce heads.20140312-140526.jpg

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