ARTfarm, Color By Numbers Saturday! 10 AM – 12 noon!

Farming — It’s a numbers game: Harvested for you this morning: five types of cherry tomatoes, five types of slicing tomatoes, at least five kinds of heirloom tomatoes, sweet salad mix containing roughly seven types of greens, spicy mix with eight kinds of lettuce and mescluns, baby arugula, microgreens (five types of seedlings), lettuce heads, two types of cucumbers, singular bodhi beans, fresh ginger root, four sweet and four chili pepper types, eggplant, kale, radishes, at least four types of onions, carrots in three colors, Kang Kon, collards, lemongrass, recao, sage, mint, thyme, dill, flat parsley, cilantro, italian basil, holy basil, dandelion greens, zinnia flowers, three kinds of figs, assorted native trees for sale, pineapple slips, at least five flavors of ice cream by I-Sha, and bread and bagels by Tess.

If you are interested in lamb for Easter, please let us know. We are planning now. 20140118-085005.jpg
Watch for us on Martha Stewart’s blog on Monday and Tuesday! Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Enjoy the holiday weekend, everyone.

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