ARTfarm Overrun by Swashbuckling Land Pirates! Open 10 AM – 12 noon!

Arrrrghh! They found me hidden map o’ broccoli, where the golden tomato marks the booooty! 20131228-091316.jpg

Those scallywags sailed night and day to discover my buried TREASURE. 20131228-092302.jpg

Land HOOOO! 20131228-091333.jpg

Argh! They found me riches! Me beautiful ginger BOOTY!20131228-091346.jpg

ARTfarm Saturday morning 10-12: Sweet mix, spicy mix, baby spicy, baby arugula, Kang Kon (asian water spinach), sweet potato greens, kale, Chinese cabbage, tatsoi, collards, escarole, dandelion greens, endive, broccoli, cucumbers, sweet peppers, eggplant, bodhi beans, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, Mediterranean figs, bananas, four types of basil, cilantro, dill, parsley, thyme, recao, chives, onions, ginger, radishes, native plants, and a few early bird bunches of our first broccoli, carrots and asparagus!

Speak pirate to the ARTfarm staff today for a free Zinnia flower.

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