ARTfarm Kale Crop Devastated – Must Close Christmas Day To Recover.

As you can see from these infrared Critter Cam photos taken in the garden last night, the ARTfarm has been overrun YET AGAIN by ravenous bioluminescent fictional holiday ungulates. 20131222-170134.jpg
Due to the dramatic and unfortunate brassica crop loss that resulted last night, we are forced to close our doors on Wednesday, December 25, on what would otherwise be one of our busiest holiday farmstands.

Luckily, this migratory wildlife was unable to resist shallow dishes of holiday coquito we had baited the area with, and they were consequently unable to scale portions of the deerproofed garden fencing. 20131222-170259.jpg

So the good news is, we have enough produce to salvage our December 23rd Monday farmstand, 3-6pm. Please come out for your holiday produce and rescue us from the brink of agricultural ruin. We need your support.

Ho ho ho,

P.S. To recap:
We’ll be open Monday, December 23rd 3-6pm;
closed Wednesday, December 25th;
open Saturday, December 28th, 10am-12 noon.

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