Taste of Grass… ARTfarm Saturday 10am-12noon

Saturday morning Artfarmstand! 10am-12pm today: Sweet mix, baby arugula, microgreens, sweet mix mixed with microgreens, Italian basil, Thai basil, holy (Tulsi) basil, recao, lemongrass, cucumbers, Bodhi long purple beans, sweet bell peppers, garlic chives, dandelion greens, papaya by Reuben, mangoes and eggfruit by Alex, ice cream by I-Sha, honey by Wanda, bread by Tess!

You can also “taste the grass” of the South Shore with some fresh pasture-raised lamb – humanely raised, free range, no grain, USDA inspected… we have fresh leg of lamb, chops, mini T-bone steaks, cut for stew, and more. Solar energy can convert to protein, and it is tender, sweet & delicious.


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