Get Fresh on Valentine’s Day!

Tell your love you want them to live a long, long time: buy them some healthy organically grown delicious fresh sweet fruits and veggies! (Love yourself, too!) Pick up some fresh farm flowers, some valentine-red tomatoes, some sweet magenta-red beets, deeply purple mustard greens, red passionfruits, and other love treats at ARTfarm this afternoon to make your Valentine’s dinner an expression of true love!

Delicious ARTfarm beets, freshly harvested from the gardens, ready for you to turn into a red-themed dish for your loved one on Valentine’s Day (or any day you’re feeling the love)!

If you’re heading out to dinner tomorrow night, ARTfarm has you covered! You can enjoy our sweet fresh produce lovingly prepared by our favorite chefs at Savant, Salud! Bistro, Tavern 1844, Dashi, Tutto Bene, Kendrick’s, Cultured Pelican, Duggan’s Reef, and the Terrace at the Buccaneer.

Passionfruits have a sweety-tarty flavor that adds lift and life to all kinds of recipes! Popular for juice, delicious eaten out of hand or with a spoon… one of nature’s amazing gifts! Happy Valentine’s Day!

For today’s pre-Valentine farmstand, 3-6pm, ARTfarm is offering unconditionally: Fresh cut flowers, beautiful red tomatoes, cheerful cherry tomatoes, romantic Mediterranean figs, adorable hot pink radishes, tender teen arugula, sweet salad mix, spicy salad mix, beautiful fresh beets with their greens, crunchy cucumbers, purple long beans, onions, garlic chives, mustard greens, basil, sage, cilantro (frilly and flat leaf), dill, local honey, vegan ice cream!

Hot pink, sweet and spicy little breakfast radishes make a tasty little salad for the love bunny in your life. Crunch crunch!

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