ARTfarmstand 3-6pm today! Four kinds of cucumbers!

Lots of goodies today from 3pm – 6pm on South Shore Road — newly trimmed up by local road crews!! Sweet salad mix, spicy salad mix, tender young arugula, microgreens, 3 kinds of basil, 2 kinds of dandelion greens, 4 kinds of cucumbers, sage, lemongrass, garlic chives, escarole, radish greens and radishes. Get healthy! Eat fresh local foods!

A pile of beautiful green stripy cucumbers in a variety of textures at ARTfarm.
ARTfarm specializes in high quality and variety for our customers. We are growing four different types of cucumbers this season! Ask Luca to describe their different qualities, or simply buy one of each and do your own taste test!!

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