Get Pickled for the Holiday Weekend! ARTfarm open today, 3-6pm!

A jar of freshly pickled cucumbers sitting on a fence post gleams in the late day sun, with colorful zinnias, green garden beds and the ARTfarm seedling house and farmstand in the background.
Deb’s ARTfarm pickles! You can make your own pickles this holiday season. It’s fun and easy to do. Makes a thrifty, fun, and appreciated homemade gift!

ARTfarmstand 3-6pm today! We have five different kinds of amazing, sweet crunchy cucumbers, including Asian cukes and a thin-skinned English variety. Pickling is easy, quick and makes a gorgeous gift. This lovely jar was pickled by our super volunteer Deb Mattera, and to get the recipe you’ll have to come to the farmstand and chat her up!

Also available today: microgreens, sweet mix, spicy mix, arugula, escarole, lettuce heads, dandelion greens, radishes, four flavors of basil, zinnia flowers, garlic chives, lemongrass, sage, thyme, cilantro, dill, rosemary, honey and late season mangoes. Give thanks! It rained!!

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