Wednesday ARTfarm Cucumber Mango MADNESS… and Honeycomb

A pile of freshly washed cucumbers is topped with an orangey-yellow mango, sliced open.
Cucumber and mango salad, anyone? Sweet, crunchy, refreshing! If you dare, add a little crushed red pepper! Or make a mojito out of it!

Oh, the madness. Sweet mix, spicy mix, arugula, baby greens, escarole, lettuce heads. Radishes, lots of crunchy cucumbers, garlic chives, Italian (Genovese) basil, lemon basil, Thai basil, holy basil, lemongrass, sage, dandelion greens, zinnia flowers, lots of Haitian and Julie mangoes!! Wanda’s honey, Errol’s honeycomb, Patricia’s Super Dark honey. Probably other stuff available, but we’re Mangocentric and Cucumberized and we forgot!!

What to do with honeycomb? Oh baby, let us tell you!!

Honeycomb is an uncommon and delicious, completely edible treat. It is a chunk of the comb, cut from the hive, that the bees have built from beeswax. Its intricate and symmetrical repeated form is one of the great wonders of nature. 

  1. In the old country, people often enjoyed honeycomb as a condiment on bread or bruschetta. Take a slice of warm or toasted homemade bread, slather some fresh butter on it, and spread a chunk of honeycomb with a knife over the bread (fresh, “virgin” comb is soft enough to be spreadable). If desired, top with a piece of strongly flavored cheese, such as pecorino, and enjoy.
  2. Honeycomb can be eaten as candy. It is one of the original farm sweets for children! Simply cut off a small piece and pop it in your mouth. You can chew the wax and swallow it, or you can retain it like chewing gum. It is completely digestible, and like chewing gum, will lose its flavor as it is continually chewed.
  3. Honeycomb can also be used in its traditional forms; as a tea sweetener, drizzled over ice cream, in cooking and baking etc. Simply cut a chunk of the comb off, allow the contents to drizzle and drip into your drink or recipe, then use as a garnish or pop the rest in your mouth and enjoy!

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