ARTfarm Crunchy Monday! 4-6pm today!!

Impromptu ARTfarmstand TODAY, Monday, 4-6pm!

We’ve got lots of amazing salad ingredients and herbs this morning, so we’ll be open this afternoon! This weekend was especially busy for families so if you missed us Saturday, come on by this afternoon and pick up some fresh veggies and treats: Crunchy cucumbers, sweet salad mix, spicy mix, macrogreens, arugula, mangoes, limes, four kinds of basil, lemongrass, and local honey!

Four colorful zinnias peek out of a pile of fresh, crunchy cucumbers.
Eat fresh! There isn’t much fresher than a just picked, sweet, crunchy cucumber! Makes a great snack, salad topper, side dish, pickle, healthy kid snack cut into sticks or rounds and used as a substrate for various dipping sauces… Yum!

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