ARTfarm stand open today Monday from 3 – 5:30pm – MORE TOMATO MADNESS!

Closeup of a red-tipped head of green sweet lettuce grown at ARTfarm.
We grow many varieties of sweet lettuce at ARTfarm. Enjoy a head of lettuce or pick up a bag of our freshly made salad mix with six varieties of sweet lettuce!

Slicer tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, mild spicy mix, arugula, lettuce heads, beans, Chinese cabbage, kale, escarole, holy basil, italian basil, lemon basil, garlic chives, two types of cilantro, dill, lemongrass cut to order, sweet green peppers and papayas.

We might be a little bit low on our usual rainbow of zinnia flowers today, as we hosted a very beautiful wedding on Saturday night at the farm! Congratulations Amy and Justin!

All organically grown with extra love, for you! Happy Monday!

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