ARTfarm Stand 3-5:30pm today! Tomatoes!!

A basket of cherry and heirloom slicer tomatoes rests on a harvest of flowering tulsi (holy) basil and blue-green kale leaves.
Healthy holiday fare: Red and gold heirloom tomatoes, cooking greens and holy basil for anti-stress tea! ARTfarm is open Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings with the good stuff!
Tomatoes and cherry tomatoes available today! Cucumbers, microgreens, baby arugula, endive, sweet and spicy mixes, plus kale, collards, baby bok choi, chinese cabbage, and fresh herbs including dill, cilantro, lemon and italian basils, tulsi, lemongrass. And ridiculously large zinnia flowers in a multitude of colors! Stop by for some fresh local goodness!

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