ARTfarm Wednesday 3-5:30pm – C is for Cukes!

Okay folks, in a word, CUCUMBERS!

If that wasn’t enough, we are also getting seriously close to Crazy Tomato Time. Luca and our three year old harvested the first heirloom slicers today and the cherries are gaining critical sweetness and ripeness.

And what goes better with tomatoes than crispy sweet juicy cucumbers? Starting now we’ve got some of your old favorite green slicers AND some fanciful new varieties, including a white cucumber Christina likes to call “the manatee.”

Please come out and enjoy these in smaller early-season quantities, plus our salad mixes to provide the perfect foil: ARTfarm microgreens, baby spicy, baby arugula, big arugula, sweet mix and spicy mix. One bag of greens makes several meals and will last a loooong time in the fridge!

As always, we’ll have freshly cut herbs including dill, cilantro, garlic chives, lemongrass, tulsi, galangal and basil, and cooking greens, including kale, collards, italian greens, and asian greens.

Fruits for Wednesday’s stand include fresh coconuts, sweet papaya and nesple (aka mesple, aka brown sugar fruit!). And Wanda’s local honey for your bush tea, and Alisha’s amazing chocolates to put you over the top!

In the beauty department we have gigantic, ridiculously cheery zinnias, pineapple plants, and gorgeous native trees.

Take a little break and come see us! We got what you need!

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