Sweet Corn, Sweet Greens at ARTfarm 10am – 12noon!

Good Saturday Morning! Heirloom sweet corn, loads of cucumbers, mini bell peppers, microgreens, teen sweet (baby lettuce mixed with baby greens), teen spicy (baby lettuce mixed with baby spicy greens), four types of basil, recao, garlic chives, sage, lemongrass, and lots of fresh juicy Mediterranean figs. Papayas from Solitude Farm, soursop from Shirley, three types of mangoes from Tropical Exotics, 4 flavors of vegan ice cream from I-Sha, bread and bagels from Tess and Wanda’s honey!


Summer Corn!! ARTfarm 10am – 12noon

Okay, the headliner at ARTfarm today is sweet corn. SWEET CORN. We have these incredible 7 foot tall plants that grew in a heartbeat with all the rain in May, and the corn is so sweet that we would seriously classify this as a dessert item! 100% non-GMO, people. Some corn today, a bigger harvest on Wednesday.


Also starring: microgreens, micro spicy, spicy mix, sweet mix, baby arugula, dandelion greens, three types of basil, recao, garlic chives, cooling lemongrass, crispy cucumbers, long beans, a few tomatoes, fresh Mediterranean figs, Thai mangoes from Alex, papayas from Reuben, ice cream from I-Sha, honey from Wanda, bread and bagels from Tess, zinnia flowers.