ARTfarm stand 3-5:30 this afternoon! Pineapple, salad mix, tomatoes and more!

A pint of sweet cherry tomatoes in shades of orange held by a pair of farmer hands.
Sweet little cherry tomatoes by the pint at ARTfarm.

Wednesday’s farmstand: our own South Shore pineapples, sweet and spicy salad mixes, a few heads of lettuce, sweet little cherry tomatoes and slicer tomatoes in every shade of tomatoey goodness, frozen jackfruit (tastes like every tropical fruit melded into one!), pumpkin in giant orange crescents sliced to order, mustard greens, scallions, onions with the greens still on them, fresh herbs, REALLY tasty cucumbers, peppers, mangoes so soft and stringless that teeth are not required, Sweetface chocolates, Feel I’s ice creams, and more… Come enjoy the lovely cool breeze on the South Shore and fill your basket with locally grown treats!

A relaxing Saturday in paradise

No day is sacred when the compost needs to be made. Here’s Luca enjoying the stinkiness of rotting plant and animal material. We primarily compost fish and lobster carcasses from some of our restaurant chefs, and spent grains from the local microbrewery. It’s powerful.

Taste the rainbow! Bounteous ARTfarm stand today.

A pile of colorful fresh organic fruits and vegetables show a sample of what's for sale at ARTfarm.Saturday’s farmstand: pineapples, beets, carrots, chard, salad mixes, tomatoes, jackfruit, pumpkin, arugula, onions, herbs, cucumber, eggplants, peppers, mangoes, scallions, more… Every vitamin you need is here! Come out this lovely cool morning! We want to see you!!!