The Palletteers Visit the ARTfarm

The St. Croix Palletteers group poses at the ARTfarm holding the paintings they created during their visit.
The St. Croix Palletteers spent the morning exploring the ARTfarm and painting the scenery. At the end of their weekly painting session they gather to share their artworks!

The St. Croix Palletteers spent the morning exploring the ARTfarm today. They painted Senepol cows, mangoes, wooden sheds and “junk piles”. A great time was had by all!

The Palletteers have a blog at These renegade plein air painters visit all kinds of places on St. Croix and have fun capturing the scenery.

Thanks for the visit!

South Shore Art Produce at Machete Machete

Last night we attended the opening of Nadine Donath‘s exhibition of cyanotype prints, “Not Here Either”, at Machete Machete Gallery, during the last Art Thursday event of the 2010-2011 season.

Donath’s dozens of mysterious, watery ‘photograms’ in hundreds of shades of cobalt blue, were created with tiny snippets of plants and trees from around the ARTfarm and nearby pastures. Viewing the work was oddly personal, it seemed like a family photo album to us.

Donath, a native of Berlin and resident of New York City, has been here on St. Croix for a month. As an artist in residence at Thomas Shelley’s Machete Machete Gallery, she has been producing her own work, giving a workshop on cyanotype printing, and just learning about and enjoying the microcosm of St. Croix.

We purchased two prints. At $100 each, you’d do well to purchase four or six of these beautiful little images and frame them together as a little visual poem of the wilds of St. Croix. Donath heads off the rock this Saturday, but the show hangs through July. Get yourself over to Machete Machete on Company Street on your lunch hour or for one of their hipster movie nights and enjoy this cool blue show.

– Christina

New t-shirts… eventually.

We got a bunch of lino-block printing materials and tools to make new t-shirts for the farm. We haven’t had farm t-shirts since Southgate and it is time to bring sexy back!

Here’s the latest sketch that wound up as our ad for St. Croix This Week magazine, anybody want this on a shirt?

ARTfarm by moonlight with a pineapple.