ARTfarm Saturday! What To Talk About At Cocktail Parties! 10am-12noon!

ARTfarm Saturday, June 1st! 10am – 12 noon! Sweet mix, baby spicy mix, baby arugula, microgreens, cucumbers, purple long beans, dandelion greens, zinnia flowers, garlic chives, onions, tomatoes, sage, rosemary, Italian basil, lemon basil, Thai basil, holy basil, recao, fresh Mediterranean figs, pineapple, mangoes from Alex and Irene, papaya from Reuben, bread and bagels from Tess, local honey from Wanda’s Wright Apiary, and Mama’s Nondairy ice cream from I-Sha (Feel-I and Shalima)!

We need to tell you something. The Jojo flavor ice cream from I-Sha is crazy good! Jojos are teeny little plums that come from a very drought resistant local tree with beautiful silvery green leaves. Island schoolchildren love to harvest Jojo plums and eat them at all stages of ripeness for a wide range of flavors. Plenty of people who have grown up on St. Croix are still big fans of the tiny Jojo. It’s one of those fruits that has a giant pit and there’s not a lot of edible flesh on it, but the flavor is uniquely satisfying. A discussion of the degree of ripeness of Jojo that one prefers can be a unique icebreaker at a social gathering, or to ease those ‘awkward moments’. Go out on a limb on this fine Saturday and try the Jojo flavor ice cream, with its complex notes of vanilla and cinnamon!

Speaking of Complex: last night’s performance of the Caribbean Dance School was on fyah! Be sure to check out tonight’s final show at 7pm at the StX Educational Complex! Amazing performances, some adorable tiny little ones, some very accomplished company dancers, and a lot of dedication shown. Guaranteed to move and groove you. And at the end, sparkles fall down from the ceiling. $15 at the door is a tax deductible donation to keeping the arts alive…

… And finally, don’t forget about the Caribbean Colour show opening this evening in St. Thomas at Yacht Haven Grande! Here’s a preview of your farmers’, Christina and Luca’s artworks that are going to be displayed in the “2BLUE4U” show tonight:



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