Soon come!

We will be open (finally!) in two weeks, Saturday, October 12th! We’ll be welcoming everyone back with lettuce greens, microgreens, basil and garlic chives, and local honey, with cucumbers, beets and arugula soon to follow.

It has been so hot this fall that we just decided to delay planting of some things so that the plants would be stronger. Like a turnaround after a long recession, the summer fallow is starting to show signs of life!

20120927-120724.jpg Things are growing quickly now that we’ve gotten a nice soaking. Summer thunderstorms have blessed us nightly with just enough rain to make the plants happy.

Saturday’s Stand – Tomato Preview!!

A view from above of a basket with a few early cherry tomatoes in various colors.
The tomato season is ramping up! Here come the little cherry Ts, sweet as can be!

The first two pints of cherry tomatoes will be available at Saturday’s farmstand to the first two lucky customers!

Also featuring: kale, collards, italian greens, cooking greens; arugula, teen arugula, microgreens, sweet mix, spicy mix; herbs: basils, lemongrass, garlic chives.

For dessert: fresh coconuts, holy basil, papayas, honey and chocolate.

Farm gossip and rumors for Wednesday’s stand: CUCUMBERS will be available!! Don’t miss it!!

ARTfarm Closing for a Quick End-Of-Summer Break…

This morning’s farmstand was our last for a few weeks. We’ve got to focus our full attention on some big projects, to make the farm more productive and sustainable in the coming seasons.

We’ll reopen in mid-October with a new rainwater catchment pond, some new signs, some new artwork in the ARTbarn and sheep grazing in our pastures! We’re seeding many crops for this coming fall and winter’s harvest now, starting a new batch of native trees from seed, and playing with a few experimental crops including local roasting corn and fig trees. Stay tuned for updates.

Three workers in a large Mars-like crater shovel rocks into the bucket of a skid steer at ARTfarm.
Three awesome ARTfarm workers - Tucker Brown, Eric Gautreau and Adrian Jordaan - in a large Mars-like crater, shovel rocks into the bucket of a skid steer in preparation for the lining of a rainwater catchment pond.

If you have some time to spare or know anyone with an interest in and enthusiasm for sustainable farming, we are always looking for reliable nonsmoking volunteers and workers who’d like to help out and learn something new. (It’s not ALL shovelling rocks!) Give us a call at (340)514-4873 or pass our website along to those who might be interested:

ARTfarm Farmstand open 4:30-5:30pm today! Sweet mix and eggfruit!

Today’s stand will have SWEET SALAD MIX! Microgreens, spinach cooking greens! Breadfruit, jackfruit, and eggfruit (see photo)! Delicious sweet MANGOES, and herbs including basil, chives, and lemongrass. Come out and see us on your way home, 4:30 to 5:30 this afternoon! Also Feel I’s ice cream in mango, banana, beet-ginger, soursop and locust flavors.

A large eggfruit, about eight inches in diameter, is the rich orangey-yellow color of a schoolbus.
A large eggfruit, ripe and ready for your smoothie, pie filling, salad, or snack!

We have native trees and pineapple slips available. Take advantage of the perfect planting weather!