ARTfarm Dragonfruit Pop-up 9/3/22 Saturday 11:30am!

There are many varieties of dragonfruit aka pithaya. Pictured here with some butterball mangoes, these dragonfruits range from a more tart flavor to milder to one that’s intensely sweet.

Pink! Purple! Purpleish pink! Magenta! Stop by the ARTfarm for a quick pop-up farmstand on Saturday from 11:30am till 12 noon. There will be an abundance of dragonfruit in various varieties and levels of sweet to tartness! All flavorful and healthy treats! Loads of our sweet onions with green tops that are so delicious used as scallions.

Delicious dragonfruit is ready for you at ARTfarm! Easily eaten out of the soft skin with a spoon! A beautiful and naturally dramatic presentation snack or dessert or anytime treat. Delicious and extra sweet at room temperature, or very refreshing out of the fridge.

Also available: Kefir leaves, garlic chives, lemon grass, mango/white turmeric, turmeric, Zinnia bunches, and pineapple slips.

We will also have our pastures Mongoose&Zinnia eggs available and a few of our incredible butter ball mangoes.

First come first serve. No reservation required!

Farmer Luca and family wants to take a moment to encourage everyone to support local farmers. If you can’t make it to our farmstand, Sejah Farm is a wonderful farm/market that sells their own produce plus lots of produce from all over St. Croix. They have a wide selection and are open more hours and days than we are.

There is also the Saturday farmers market at the Department of Agriculture grounds where you can buy directly from farmers.

Remember the best way to support agriculture in the US Virgin Islands is to buy produce directly from farmers.

Hop down to the South Shore and see Farmer Luca!

4 thoughts on “ARTfarm Dragonfruit Pop-up 9/3/22 Saturday 11:30am!

  1. The Art Farm is a wonderful place. I have enjoyed fruits and vegetables in the past. Some of the salads were my favorites. I cherish memories of visiting with the family. The Art Farm has become better and better with more and more selections. I had to smile at Farmer Luca‘s suggestion to hop over. There is no hopping at 83! Someone will take me soon. Greetings!

  2. Dang it, soooo sorry I couldn’t make it there today. We are finally back on island after a couple of weeks away and some dragon fruit sounds amazing. I will look out for another popup soon. Love you, you lovely Art Farmers and Zinnia growers. Thank you for making such beautiful food for us all.

    xoxo Elizabeth


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