Saturday ARTfarmstand 10am – 12 noon

A Christmas wreath made of different types of ARTfarm hot peppers
Ho-ho-hot! Spice up your holiday with some hot peppers from ARTfarm!

Saturday farmstand! Knock out your holiday shopping gift list with some delicious sustainably grown produce that will not induce any guilt or clutter someone’s home! Tons of sweet salad mix, loads of baby spicy salad greens, teen spicier salad mix (hail up Brian Bishop), baby arugula, beautiful variety of cucumbers, watermelon, garlic chives, Italian basil, Thai basil, lemon basil, mint, baby bok choy, dandelion greens, young turmeric, nice variety of hot peppers including Serrano’s, Thai chilies, large cayenne peppers, butternut squash, fresh Mediterranean figs, and cut zinnia flowers. Also native and fig trees make wonderful gifts!

Farmstands have been on the slow side so far this season – meaning not a huge line at the beginning. The first couple of customers will have first pick of the first cherry tomatoes of this season. But for most everything else, coming later or even at the end of the farmstand you’ll find a well-stocked farmstand! 10am – 12 noon on the South Shore!

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