WHAAAT?! Open THIS Saturday 10am – 12pm – MORE SALAD!!

Farmer Bob with part of this morning’s haul!

We hope everyone had a warm and hug filled holiday! Thank goodness for post-over-eating salad! Stay healthy this season! Munch on some crisp green fall salads! 

ARTfarm Saturday 10-12pm: Thanksgiving is over but you shouldn’t stop eating! The lettuces didn’t stop growing so we are opening again right away! Tons of sweet salad mix, baby arugula, baby spicy salad mix picked fresh! A few lettuce heads also!

Early bird specials (smaller quantities) butternut, cucumbers, rosemary!

Red noodle yard long greenbeans! Sooo yummy!

Have you tried our large Neapolitan radishes (spicy eaten raw, cooked taste like turnips), or the purple yard long beans (crunchy yummy raw or classic cooked or pickled)?? These red greenbeans put a whole new twist on the classic casserole)! They are so similar to bodhi beans, your neighbors will never know! 

For Saturday we’ve got green chili peppers to add some spice to your holiday recovery. Fresh herbs give everything a delicious pop: Italian basil, Thai basil, lemon basil, garlic chives, mint, lemongrass, baby turmeric. Did we mention the rosemary? The rosemary is off the chain folks. Gives that amazing holiday scent to a room or flavor to holiday dishes, breads, ooh la la.

Every petal of a zinnia flower has a seed at its base. When your zinnia flowers are spent, toss them into the garden and some new ones may sprout!

Don’t forget eco-friendly holiday gifts, give someone a beautiful tree or plant to make the world a better place! We’ve got native trees, fig trees, and for the host of the next holiday party you attend, beautiful zinnia flowers (free seed packet in every flower! Thank you nature!).

This has been a challenging production season so far, lots of changes in soil condition, pest populations shifting, and not enough rain in the rain barrels, so come and enjoy the bounty and live in the moment! Do a rain dance this weekend! And stick up for the planet every chance you get!

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