Parking-Lot Hurricane-Mango Pop-Up 11am-noon

ARTfarm Saturday parking lot pop up! We preemptively harvested all of our Haitian kidney mangoes in the face of the encroaching storm disaster Tuesday, and now they are ripe and ready to eat. So we will have Haitian kidney mangoes, figs, garlic chives, Italian basil, lemongrass, as well as lots of pineapple slips for planting, some native trees and a few fruit trees for sale.

We are setting up in the parking lot because we shuttered the farmstand for the cat 2 Hurricane Dorian with its 100mph winds which luckily never materialized.

If it goes like the last couple of pop-ups the fruit’s gonna be gone in about 25 minutes but we will still have fresh herbs, trees and pineapple slips for sale. So we open at 11am, get there a few minutes ahead of when you were planning!

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