ARTfarm at the Regular Time and Place: Saturday 10-12

A rainbow of seasoning peppers

Beautiful heirloom tomatoes
Baby carrots yummy

ARTfarm will be represented* at this weekend’s Ag Fest – look for our products at Sejah Farm’s booth in the Farmers’ Pavilion! We will not have a booth. Instead we will be open for your convenience from 10 to 12 on Saturday at the usual spot on South Shore Road.

Saturday farmstand: loads and loads of tomatoes especially heirloom tomatoes, of course plenty of slicing tomatoes and cherry tomatoes as well, tons of sweet mix (will not run out), a couple of watermelons, lots of butternut and Thai pumpkin, scallions and onions, some broccoli, French radishes, some bunches of beets, lots of carrots, escarole, tons of beautiful baby ginger, baby turmeric, all of our seasoning peppers and hot peppers, fresh figs, dandelion greens, garlic chives, dill, cilantro, Italian basil, Thai basil, papaya, and colorful zinnias!

*Some of our black plum cherry tomatoes, some slicing tomatoes, lettuce heads and baby ginger will be at Sejah Farm’s stand at the fair. Luca and family are, as always, very excited to go to the fair and support our fellow farmers. It’s one of our favorite events. We don’t have the staff to run our regular weekend and Monday farmstands AND run a booth at the fair, so we don’t patticipate as a business. Hope to see our customers at the fair and at our farmstand!

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